Feb 1, 2019

Bathurst 12 Hour


Great Bathurst 12 Hour for Wall Racing  with the #6 Lamborghini finishing 12th after starting 25th and also coming so close to a class podium finishing 4th in the Pro-Am class.

Bathurst 12 Hour

Race Results – P12 (P4 in class)
4:45pm – Cameron McConville onboard for the final hour, P12 (P4 in class)
3:45pm – Jules Westwood still on track in a tight podium battle for Pro-Am, P12 (P5 in class)
2:45pm – Tony D’Alberto has just handed over Jules Westwood, P12 (P3 in class)
1:45pm – Great stint from Tony D’Alberto, continuing to to move, P13 (P4 in class)
12:45pm – Tony D’Alberto back in, moved up to P15 (5th in class)
11:45am – Jules Westwood has continued in the car, moved to up P18 (7th in class)
10:45am – Jules Westwood has jumped in for this first stint, moved up to P19 (7th in class)
9:45am – Tony D’Alberto now on track for his first stint. Running P21 (8th in class).
8:45am – Adrian Deitz has continued in the car, P22
7:45am – Under 2nd Safety Car, Adrian Deitz now in the car, P21
6:45am – Cameron McConville still the car, currently running P24
5:45am – Cameron McConville to start the Bathurst 1000

Qualifying – 25th (10th in class) – 2:05.0520 – (Cameron McConville)

Practice 5 – 28th (11th in class) – 2:07.6307 (Cameron McConville, Adrian Deitz & Jules Westwood)
Practice 4 – 24th (8th in class) – 2:07.4443 (Tony D’Alberto, Adrian Deitz & Jules Westwood)
Practice 3 – 25th –  (9th in class) 2:07.8132 (Cameron McConville & Tony D’Alberto)
Practice 2 – 29th (10th in class) – 2:15.9311 (Adrian Deitz)
Practice 1 – 11th – (7th in class) 2:10.4306 (Jules Westwood)