Apr 9, 2018

From the Road to Race Track for Adrian Lengkeek


Adrian Lengkeek is set to make his racing debut with Wall Racing this weekend at The Bend Motorsport Park.

Adrian will be racing in the GT3 Cup Challenge series in Class B in a 2011 GT3 Cup.

Having only previously completed track days, with the support of Wall Racing Adrian has now made the decision to step up and make his racing debut.

“It’s an understatement to stay that I am excited, I am very much looking forward to the weekend,” said Lengkeek


“I am not nervous, more excited!  Being part of the Wall Racing Team I have gone to a few meetings this year and got the drill of what happens.  I am sure the nerves will kick when I am on the grid for my first race”

“My aim for the weekend is to finish all the races with good clean racing”.

“It’s exciting that we get to race on track that know one has ever raced, a great place to start, no one has any expectations.”

“Paul Newman didn’t start racing until he was in this 50’s, so it’s never too late to start something and he inspired me and I hope to get enjoyment out it for many years.


“It will be great to have team mate on track this weekend with Chelsea running in Class A.”

Practice starts this Friday at the brand new The Bend Motorsport Park.

Keep up to date with all the results over the weekend on Wall Racing Facebook and Instagram pages.