Aug 17, 2017

Walleee’s words on the Lakeside Classic 2017


One of the biggest Historic meetings that is held in South East Queensland and possibly one of the biggest events in the country. It was great to be part of Lakeside Classic in the Geoghegan Mustang and Bob Jane Monaro.

To be able to take the cars up there and show them off on the 50th anniversary for the Mustang especially since 1967 when Pete won his first Australian title at Lakeside. To race the car for that weekend on that anniversary was very special and then to top it off with pole position and winning all the races was the icing on the cake.

JB did a great job in the Monaro he was able to slowly chip away with the car over the weekend, he wasn’t happy with the car to start with but the boys did a great job to tune it up for him over the weekend and to be on the front row together for the last race was very cool for us and obviously very good the cars owner.

Great to be apart of the weekend and good to see all the familiar faces up there and have a lot of people come up and recognise the cars and show their appreciation of having them there was very cool.

The atmosphere of the event itself was great, to go to an iconic track like that which has held a huge amount of touring car races over the year was very enjoyable. To see the families on the side of the track in their cars watching the event go on it was very good.

A big thank you to PAYCE for their ongoing support.

Images: Mathew Paul Photography