Apr 27, 2017

Walleee’s words on the Bathurst 6 Hour


Unfortunately the Bathurst 6 Hour didn’t go to plan for us. Alan East (the car’s owner) was very happy with the progress and work that had been undertaken on the Evo 9.

The car was 3.5 seconds quicker then it has ever been up there, all the work that we did worked a treat and for a 10 year old car to be up where it was is a great achievement. We topped a couple of sessions, it was weather dependent and during the cooler sessions the car made more power, but it was a nicer package overall.

The race was settling in well and everything was going according to plan then unfortunately while JB was in the car the rear diff failed and put us out of the event. It separated the housing from the back of the car which is unfortunate considering it was all new before the event, just one of those things.

Hopefully we can go back next year and have a go again. It was going to be a very strong weekend and it started out that way but didn’t end that way packing up early and watching the end of the race instead of participating, which is never ideal.

A massive thanks to Alan East for putting in the effort as he always does and supplying the car to make it all possible. Also a great job by Wall Racing up there for the weekend, overall I was very happy with everything that the team did. We were also running Paul Tresidder in the Production Sport Race. Paul did a great job with a new PB and chipped away over the weekend, the car ran really well and most importantly he was extremely happy with his weekend, what he had achieved and the amount of fun he had.

All in all not a bad weekend but unfortunately we didn’t get to finish it off as planned.