Mar 15, 2017

Walleee’s words on the Clipsal 500


Porsche Carrera Cup Australia Round 1

First of all it’s great to be back in Carrera Cup again for another season and with the same car, same team and even the same sponsors again is a massive benefit to assist us to hit the ground running and this showed in the first practice sessions of the year.

This year we know a lot more about the car and also for myself the way that the 911 needs to be driven, this should see us be strong across all sessions throughout the season.

First qualifying session for the season we qualified 4th, I wasn’t that wrapped with 4th. We went for one direction in qualifying tyring to get two sets of tyres in and short session that we had and the colder morning that really affected the car. I also made a small mistake on one set of tyres as well, it didn’t all flow the way we wanted to, but 4th wasn’t the end of the world, but we should have been on the front row!

We came back through to 2nd in the first race, had a win in Race 2, which is always a good thing to get a win at the start of year (well at anytime throughout the year a race win is good) and then backed up for 2nd in the final race.

A little disappointed that we didn’t get the overall round win, we ended up equal first round for the round and on a count back ended up 2nd. We still leave Adelaide joint leader in the championship, 168 points is great to take away from the first round and we are looking forward to heading to the Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix.

A few small changes to make to the car before the Grand Prix, we will look to fine tune a couple of the 1% items.

Always good to get to the Grand Prix, not only to drive these cars on a track that they were almost built for but the atmosphere, the event itself and seeing the new Formula 1 cars will be exciting.

Clipsal was very good for us this year, always great to visit the House of Chow, my favourite Chinese restaurant and have a good weekend but also have a lot of fun doing it!

Thank you to everyone at Wall Racing that put in the effort over Christmas to fix the things that we wanted changed in the car and make it as good as we possibly could heading into a new season.

And as always a massive thanks to Wilson Security, PAYCE and Shannons for making it all possible.